The Temple of Grignan Marseille

Rehabilitation of the Kern organ at the Temple de Grignan in Marseille

The representatives of the Association des Amis de l'Orgue Kern du Temple de Grignan, in particular its president Mr Alain Keller, gave me a warm welcome and I was delighted to rediscover the Kern organ. The material contained in this instrument is an important testimony to the art of Alfred Kern at the head of a firm that was at its height. 

I. Positif de dos 56 notes    II. Grand-Orgue 56 notes   Pédale 30 notes
Bourdon 8' Quintaton 16'Bourdon 16'
Prestant 4' Montre 8'Principal 8'
Flûte cheminée 4' Flûte cheminée 8'Principal 4'
Flageolet 2'Octave 4'Posaune 16'
Quinte 1 1/3'Gemshorn 2'Chalumeau 4'
Cymbale 3 rgsSesquialtera 2 rgs 
Voix-humaines 8'Fourniture 4 rgs 
 Trompette 8'