Temple Neuf Church - Strasbourg

Overhauling of the Merklin 1877 – Nicolas Toussaint 2006 - organ in the Temple-Neuf in Strasbourg

This reassembly was carried out in collaboration with Bernard Hurvy. The collaboration was a real pleasure, thanks to Gilles Oltz who brought us in connection for this first experience.

We were thrilled by this first experience of restoring a great French symphony organ.
The restoration mostly consisted of correcting the inconveniences caused by the climate.
The necessary work of equalizing the voicing was carried out in close collaboration with Bernard Hurvy.

We are grateful the commitment of the Parish, which took the initiative to see this project through to the end.

44 stops, IV keyboards, pedal

I Grand Orgue  II PositifIII Récit expressif    Pédale
Principal 16’Principal 8’Quintaton 16’ Soubasse 32’ 
Bourdon 16’Salicional 8’ Rohrflûte 8’ Contrebasse 16’ 
Montre 8’Bourdon 8’ Flûte Traversière 8’Soubasse 16’ 
Flûte Harmonique 8’Flûte Octaviante 4’ Viole de Gambe 8’ Octave Basse 8’ 
Vionloncelle 8’Quinte-Flûte 2’2/3 Voix céleste 8’ Violoncelle 8’ 
Prestant 4’Doublette 2’Octave 4’Grosse Flûte 4’ 
Flûte 4’Trompette 8’Flûte d’écho 4’ Bombarde 16’ 
Grand Cornet V rgsClarinette 8’Flageolet 2’ Trompette 8’ 
Fourniture IV-V rgsCor Anglais Picolo 1’Clairon 4’
Bombarde 16’ Basson 16’ 
Trompette 8’ Trompette Harm. 8’  
Clairon 4’ Basson-Hautbois 8’ 
  Voix Humaine 8’  
  Clairon 4’  

Accouplements : POS/GO - REC/GO - REC/POS – REC/GO en 16' – POS/REC
Tirasses GO - POS - REC
Orage,  Forte général, Combinaisons GO (Cornet, Fourniture, Bombarde, Trompette et Clairon), Combinaisons positif (Trompette 8', Clarinette 8' et Cor anglais 8'), Combinaisons pédale (Bombarde 16', Trompette 8' et Clairon 4').