Study claviorganum - Brussels

Creation of a Study Claviorganum Brussels

This original instrument consists of a two-manual + pedal study organ, the upper manual being that of the harpsichord.
This allows a multitude of combinations on the organ alone and its two 8' and two couplers, augmented by the two stops of the harpsichord.

This highly complex instrument was designed by Joël Weissenburger.
Made by our team, it required a great deal of patience and passion, particularly for the poplar and pear wood cabinet made by Pierrick Troesch.

Many thanks to the musician who took us on this project, the musical possibilities of which we were far from imagining - a fine 'beast' for the basso continuo!

Clavier I
Principal 8 C à f’’´
Fûte 4’ FF à HH

Clavier II (clavecin)
Bourdon 8’ C à f’’´
Flûte 4’ FF à HH. 8’, 8’ du clavecin

Accouplement I/II et Tirasses I et II