Saint-Martin Church - Oltinge

Thorough lifting of the organ by Callinet Frères 1843 at Eglise St-Martin – Oltingue (68).

It was with great pleasure that we have made this lifting. Indeed, we were particularly astonished by the exceptional quality of the Callinet brothers' work, both in terms of technical choices and voicing.

This work was instructive and full of beautiful surprises, overall, with the musical quality of the organ, which we had not even dared to dream of.

The organ of Oltingue was built at the end of the period of Callinet Frères. In our opinion, this is the most exciting and interesting period. The collaboration between the two brothers: Joseph, very meticulous, diligent and perfect in the service of the customer, and Claude Ignace, naturally gifted and endowed with a certain sense of innovation, led to exceptional achievements. These elements make this instrument one of the most important instruments of Alsace, as its integrity is almost unique. The present survey did not aim at undoing elements whose alterations we know (blower, voicing), but on the contrary to preserve the instrument in its state. We have tried to make the work as invisible as possible, both visually and sonically. The intervention that improved the musical and visual qualities of the instrument was carried out by removing selective defects. No systematic work was done to "improve" the organ (except on the keyboards and controls).

Special work was done on the two stops of “anches libres” to restore their incredible qualities.

28 stops, II keyboards, Pedal

Grand Orgue 54 notesPositif 54 notesPédale 27 notes
Bourdon 16'     G - f'''Bourdon 8'Bourdon 16' 
Montre 8'Flûte traverse 4' - 8'Flûte 8'
Bourdon 8'     C - H en 4' et c - f''' en 8'Violoncelle 8'
Gambe 8'Salicional 8'     C - H en 4'Flûte 4'
Prestant 4'Prestant 4'Flûtebasse 4'
Flûte 4'Flûte 4'     c' - f'''Ophicléide 16' (anche libre)
Nazard 2'2/3Doublette 2'Bourdon 16'
Doublette 2'Basson 8' (anche libre)Trombonne basse 8'
Sifflet 1'Hautbois 8' cs' - f'''Trombonne alto 4'
Cornet 5 rgs c' - f'''  
Fourniture 5 rgs  
Trompette 8'  B/D  c' cs'  

 Accouplement tiroir I/II