Museum of Decorative Arts - Strasbourg

Restoration of the André Silbermann 1719 "Positif n° 9" organ at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg

After a anoxic treatment in March 2011, it was completely restored. It is the only instrument of the Alsatian Silbermanns whose mechanical parts have been preserved in their entirety. Only a small amount of the pipes are new.

This instrument is fully functional, its sound is extraordinary, and the only modification it has undergone is the installation of a few large teeth (2 to 4 per pipe, by Stiehr in 1826).

This organ is an extraordinary testimony to the sound and musical research of the Silbermanns.

12 jeux, II claviers, pédale

Clavier principal
49 notes C-c'''
Dessus de récit
25 notes c'-c'' 
13 notes C-c de Stiehr, 1826
Bourdon 8'Bourdon 8'Flûte 4'
Prestant 4'Prestant 4'Trompette 4'
Nazard 2' 2/3Cornet 3 rgsTirasse permanente
Doublette 2'  
Tierce 1' 3/5 neuve  
Fourniture 3 rgs  
Cromorne 8' B+D  
coupé entre h et c'  
Dessus neuf  

Tremblant doux