Jobin chest organ

Chest organ - belonging to Mr Emile Jobin

All the stops are divided into Basses and Dessus. The stoplist is also partly configurable.
The Principal 8' and Flute 4' stops are 'fixed', while the third stop can be configured as required: bass of Quinte + top of Doublette 2' or Doublette 2' over the whole range, or bass of Doublette 2' + top of Regale 8', etc...

This instrument, owned by harpsichord builder Emile Jobin, is available for hire. For further information: click here

- Principal 8’ en étain
- Flûte principalisante 4’en bois       
- Dessus de Quinte 2’ ⅔ en étain
- Basse de Doublette 2' en étain
- Régale 8’ basse et dessus en étain