Instrument for the Castle of Versailles

Building of a chest organ for the Château de Versailles

The instrument has a 48-note keyboard (C,D-c ''' 392-440 Hz), with transposition to four pitches: 392 / 415 / 440 / 466 through lateral shifting of the keyboard..

Stoplist :
 Bourdon   8’ (wood)
 Flûte principalisante  4’  (wood) 
 Doublette  2’ (tin)
 Régale     8’ (wood)*
 * via the the doublett's interchangeable upper toes. .

The musical conception of this instrument will be based on our experience of continuo as well as concertante practice. The balance between tessituras will be designed to allow all kinds of achievements, including in the treble, with a smooth and regular rise upward.
The high range should allow a gradual crescendo, but should not change the tone colour of the bass.
The doors of the instrument can be closed to soften the volume for continuo. These doors are lined with stretched canvas.