Conservatoire - Geneva (Great Hall)

Restoration of one of the two organs at the Geneva Conservatory (Switzerland)

The work involved rearranging the organ to free up space for the artists' access onto the stage.
The console is new, made by Pierrick Troesch.

Rebuilding the console and setting it in a new place meant reworking the action, with a great deal of design work carried out by Joël Weissenburger.

The organ was completely revoiced by Jean-Marie Tricoteaux. It was a real pleasure to work with him on this new project.

We would like to thank the Conservatoire for entrusting us with this work, and Diego Innocenzi, who initiated our duo on this project and who has been very committed.

You can see the other organ on this page.

48 stops, IV manuals, pedal

I Grand OrgueII PositiveIII Repressive narrativeIV Expressive echoPedal
Bourdon 16’Salicional 8’Quintaton 16’ Bourdon 8’ Soubasse 32’ 
Montre 8’Bourdon 8’ Bourdon 8’ Flûte 4’ Contrebasse 16’ 
Flûte 8’Prestant 4’ Gambe 8’ Flûte 2’ Soubasse 16’ 
Prestant 4’Flûte 4’ Voix céleste 8’ Sifflet 1’ Flûte 8’ 
Quinte 2’2/3Nasard 2’2/3 Flûte 4’ Cornet III Violoncelle 8’ 
Doublette 2’Doublette 2’ Nasard 2’2/3 Voix humaine 8’ Principal 4’ 
FournitureVTierce 1’3/5 Octavin 2’ Tremblant Posaune 16' neuf
CymbaleIVLarigot 1’1/3 Sesquialtera II  Bombarde 16’ 
Cornet VPlein-Jeu Plein-Jeu  Trompette 8’ 
Basson 16’CromorneTrompette 8’   
Trompette 8’TremblantHautbois 8’   
Clairon 4’ Clairon 4’  

Couplings : POS/GO - REC/GO - REC/POS - GO/POS - POS/REC couplers configurable in 16' or 4'. 
GO - POS - REC - ECHO drawbars with 16' or 4' parameters