Collegiate church of Romont

Overhauling and improving the organ in the Collegiate Church of Romont (Switzerland)

When we accepted the contract to rebuild and improve the organ in Romont, we never imagined for a moment the incredible relationship that would develop between the members of the parish and our company.
The wonderful welcome we received, and the trust placed in us led to excellent collaboration throughout the project. The many exchanges and meetings around the organ have even led to strong bonds of friendship.

Our warmest thanks go to the representatives of the parish and the organists who were members of the leading committee.

It has been a real pleasure to work on this instrument in this magnificent location. Because of its size and neoclassical composition, the instrument was very receptive to our work, giving us a result that from far exceeded our expectations.

A few adjustments to the stop-list, the mechanics and overall, the voicing gave coherence to this instrument.

46 III stops, keyboards, pedal

I Grand Orgue  II PositifIII Récit expressif    Pédale
 Bourdon 16' Salicional 8' Diapason 8' Contrebasse 32'
 Montre 8' Bourdon 8' Flûte à fuseau 8'Principal 16'
 Flûte 8' Prestant 4' Gambe 8' Soubasse 16'
 Bourdon 8' Flûte 4' Voix céleste 8' Flûte 8'
 Prestant 4' Nasard 2' 2/3 Principal 4' Violoncelle 8' neuf
 Flûte 4' Doublette 2' Flûte 4' Flûte 4'
 Doublette 2' Tierce 1' 3/5Nasard 2' 2/3 Bombarde 16'
 Fourniture 1' 1/3 Cymbale 1' III rgs Flageolet 2' Trompette 8'
 Cymbale 1'Cor anglais 8' neuf Sesquialtera II Clairon 4'
 Cornet V (c'-g''') Cromorne 8' neuf Plein-Jeu 1' 1/3 
 Trompette 8' Tremblant Basson 16' 
 Clairon 4'  Trompette 8' 
   Hautbois 8' 
   Clairon 4' 
   Voix humaine 8' 

Accouplements : POS/GO - REC/GO - REC/POS - POS/REC
Accouplements à l'octave : III/I en 16', III/III en 16', III/P en 4' et flottant
Tirasses : GO - POS - REC
Combinateur ELTEC