claviorganum (2000)


All stops are cut into bass and treble.

The coupling is made from the organ to the harpsichord.

The keyboards are made of boxwood and ebony.

The blower consists of two cuneiform bellows, driven by two microprocessor-controlled electric motors, which produce a wind equivalent to manual pumping.

All the pipework is made of wood. This instrument is built entirely using Renaissance techniques: there are no screws, the wrought iron is fire-forged, there is no welding, and all the gluing is done with hot glue.

Built in collaboration with Emile Jobin.

5 stops, 2 manuals of 45 notes (C D E F G - c''') with short octave.
Clavecin :  1 jeu de luth 8'    Orgue : Principal 8' - Principal 4' -Principal 2' -Régale 8'