Church Temple du Foyer de l'Âme

Paris organ at the Temple du Foyer de l'Âme - 2008/2009

Construction of a new organ for the Temple du Foyer de l'Âme. The former case was kept, its depth was enlarged and the facade retained, because its design is well suited to the architecture, and a new facade would only have added glitz.

This is a Saxon-style organ, designed to be as suitable as possible for the continuo.

This instrument is the first large organ we have ever built. We are very grateful for this opportunity.

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21 jeux deux claviers (56 notes C à g''') et pédalier (30 notes, C à f')

1er clavier          2ème clavier    Pédalier
Bourdon  16' Gedackt 8' Principal 16' (bois)
 Principal 8' Viola di Gamba 8 Principal 8'(bois
 Flöte travers 8' Octav 4'* Posaune 16'
 Octav 4'* Flöte (bois) 4'* 
 Flöte (bois) 4'* Nasat 3' 
 Quinta 3'Gemshorn 2'  
 Octav 2' Quinta 1' 1/3 
 Mixtur 3 rgs Fagott 16' 
 Sesquialtera B+D 2 rgs  
 Trompette B+D 8'*Trompette B+D 8'* 

Accouplement II/I et I/II Tirasse I et II en 4
Tremblant doux.
*jeux en baladeurs.