Church Saints Pierre et Paul - Obernai (67)

Rehabilitation of the Merklin 1882 organ

This work involves correcting malfunctions in the windchests and mechanic, as well as correcting the voicing.
For this delicate, but nevertheless exciting project, we decided to work again with our friend Bernard Hurvy, a great specialist of these organs.

43 stops, 3 keyboards, pedal

I Great Organ II PositivIII Expressive narrative Pedal 
Principal 16’Bourdon 8*’ Quintaton 16’Contrebasse 16’ 
Bourdon 16’ **Flûte Harmonique 8’ *Principal 8’ Soubasse 16’ **
Montre 8’ **Gemshorn 8’Rohrflûte 8’ Octave Basse 8’ 
Bourdon 8’ *Gambe 8’Viole de Gambe 8’ Violon 16’ 
Flûte Harmonique 8’ *Salicional 8’ * Voix céleste 8’ Octave-Basse 8’**
Salicional 8’*Flûte 4’ *Flûte octaviante 4’Bourdon 8’
Prestant 4’ Quinte-Flûte 2’2/3 Flageolet 2’ Violoncelles 8’
Flûte Octaviante 4’Clarinette 8’Cornet de récit V rgsFlûte 4’ 
Octavin 2’ Trompette Harm. 8’ Posaune 16’ 
Grand Cornet V rgs Basson-Hautbois 8’Trompette 8’ 
Fourniture IV-V rgs Voix Humaine 8’  
Bombarde 16’    
Trompette 8’   
Clairon 4’   

Couplings II/I and III/I in 8' and III/I in 16 
Call: Tirasses I, II and III
Call reeds and mixed voices general, Call reeds pedal, Call reeds and mixed voices I, Call reeds II, Call reeds and mixed voices III
Tremblant III, Orage