Church of St Thomas (Great Organ) - Strasbourg

Work on the Grand Orgue Jean-André Silbermann 1741- Alfred Kern 1979 of the church of Saint-Thomas in Strasbourg

For our company, the overhauling of this organ was the first milestone in the great history of the Silbermanns. When we got our hands on the first instrument of this dynasty, we had no idea of the path we were about to follow in the footsteps of these organbuilders.

It was also the beginning of a great admiration for the works of Alfred Kern.

It was also our first collaboration with Jean-Marie Tricoteaux, who worked on the voicing of the reed stops.

The entire organ was rebuilt.

Two gigantic new cuneiform bellows were installed. These bellows were made in collaboration with Manufacture Laurent Plet.

38 jeux, III claviers, pédale

Grand Orgue  49 notes Positif 49 notes    Écho 49 notesPédale 27 notes
Bourdon         16    Bourdon         8    Bourdon         8Soubasse         16
Montre            8Prestant           4 Salicional        8Flûte               8
Bourdon         8Flûte               4Prestant           4Quinte             5 1/3
Prestant           4 Nazard               Flûte à ch.       4Prestant           4
Nazard                        2 2/3Doublette        2   Doublette        2Bombarde       16
Doublette        2Tierce              1 3/5Larigot            1 1/3Trompette       8
Tierce              1 3/5  Fourniture       IIIFlageolet         1Clairon            4
 Cornet             VCromorne        8Cymbale         III 
Fourniture IV Cornet             IV 
Cymbal III Trompette       8 
Trompette       8 B+D   
Clairon            4 B+D   
Voix humaine 8    

Tremblant Positif & Grand Orgue – Tremblant Écho – Tiroir Positif / Grand Orgue
Accouplement Écho / Grand Orgue  - Tirasses Grand Orgue & Écho