Church of Sainte-Richarde - Marlenheim

Restoration of the 1926 Roethinger organ in the church of Sainte-Richarde in Marlenheim

This instrument is representative of the quality of organ building in Alsace at the beginning of the 20th century. The work involved restoring the pneumatics and slightly enlarging the depth of the case to facilitate maintenance. This organ, based on an old instrument from Stiehr, is a fine example of today's awareness of the importance of this heritage.

34 jeux, II claviers, pédale

Positif de dosGrand OrguePédale
Bourdon 8'Bourdon 16'Contrebasse 16'
Flûte 8'Montre 8'Soubasse 16'
Jeu céleste 8'Bourdon 8'Flûte 8'
Prestant 4'Flûte majeure 8'Violoncelle 8'
Flûte pointue 4'Salicional 8'Prestant 4'
Gambe 4'Gambe 8'Ophicléide 16'
Flageolet 2'Prestant 4'Trompette 8'
Sifflet 1Flûte à cheminées 4'Clairon 4'
Basson 8'Nasard 2 2/3'Tirasse II
Hautbois 8'Doublette 2' 
 Cornet V 
 Fourniture IV 
 Trompette 8' 
 Trompette 8' 
 Clairon 4' 
 Voix humaine 8' 
 Accouplement I/II3