Church of Saint-Séverin - Paris

Rehabilitation of the Great Organ of the Church of Saint-Séverin in Paris

This reassembly was carried out in collaboration with Manufacture Thomas (Belgium), and the reeds were voiced in collaboration with Jean-Marie Tricoteaux.

This large-scale reassembly was an opportunity for Dominique Thomas and Jean-Marie Tricoteaux to work closely together. We learned a lot and had a wonderful time.

58 jeux, IV claviers, pédale

56 notes
Grand Orgue
56 notes
56 notes
Écho expressif
56 notes
30 notes
Montre 8'Montre 16'Bourdon 16'Bourdon 8'Flûte 16'
Bourdon 8'Montre 8'Quintadon 8'Viole de gambe 8'Soubasse 16'
Prestant 4'Flûte conique 8'Bourdon à cheminée 8'Unda maris 8'Principal 8'
Flûte à cheminée 4'Prestant 4'Flûte conique 4'Principal 4'Bourdon 8'
Nasard 2' 2/3Doublette 2'Grosse tierce 3' 1/5Flûte à fuseau 4'Principal 4'
Doublette 2Cornet VNasard 2' 2/3Doublette 2'Cor de nuit 2'
Tierce 1' 1/3Fourniture VQuarte 2'Quarte 2'Fourniture V
Plein-jeu V-VICymbale IVTierce 1' 3/5Sifflet 1'Cymbale IV
Trompette 8'Cymbale-Tierce IISifflet 1'Sesquialtera IIDouçaine 32'
Cromorne 8'Trompette 8'Cornet VCymbale IV-VBombarde 16'
 Clairon 4'Hautbois 8'Trompette 8'Trompette 8'
 Musette 8'Voix humaine 8'Bourdon 8'Clairon 4'

Tirasses II, III.
Accouplements I/II, III/II, II/III, IV/III.
Appels anches I, II, IV, Pédale.
Appels mixtures I, II, IV, Pédale : Pos : appel commun mixt/anche, Go : appel mixt, appel anches, écho : appel mixt/anche, Péd : appel mixt, appel anches
Tremblants I, III
Expression IV.