Church of Saint Marcel d'Ennery

New organ for the church of Saint Marcel d'Ennery (57) - 2007/2008

The organ is in the late 18th century Saxon style. This choice was made on basis of the organs available in the region. The late classical style has the advantage of being very versatile, offering the possibility of creating a historically coherent instrument and tackling a very wide repertoire.

The Gambe in these instruments opens the musical door to the 19th century. This is why a Salicional is present, which can be found in Saxon organs at the end of the 18th century.

The construction is in the classical style: leather nuts, lead tubes, hand-planed finish, etc.

8 jeux, 2 claviers de 56 notes (C-g''') et pédalier de 30 notes (C-f').

1er clavier2ème clavierPédalier 
Montre 8'Bourdon 8' Soubasse    16'       
Flûte à cheminée 8'Salicional 8'basse 8' en extension
Prestant 4'Flûte 4' à cheminée 
Doublette 2'Flageolet 2' 
Sesquialtera 2 rgs Trompette 8' basse/dessus 
Plein jeu 3 rgs  

Accouplement I/II. Tirasse P/I, P/II.
Tremblant doux.