Church of Saint-Etienne - Raedersdorf

Restoration of the Jean Frantz 1811 organ in the church of Saint-Etienne in Raedersdorf

During our visit to Raedersdorf, we were pleasantly surprised by the condition of the instrument and the amount of historic material preserved.

Artistic alterations had not been systematic, allowing the original sound to be restored.

23 jeux, II claviers, Pédale

I Positif de dos (56 notes, C-g’’’)II Grand Orgue (56 notes, C-g’’’)Pédale (13 notes, C-c)
Montre 8’Coppel 16’ Floete 16’
Coppel 8’Principal 8’Floete 8’
Rohrfloete 4’Coppel 8’ Bombard 16’
Nasat 2’ 2/3Spitzflöte 8’ Trompete 8’
Octav 2’Prestant 4’ 
Mixtur basse1’ dessus Pr 4’Rohrflöte 4’ 
Basson-Hautbois 8’Quint 2’ 2/3 
 Octav 2’ 
 Terz 1’ 3/5 
 Cornet 5 rgs 
 Mixtur III rgs 
 Trompette 8’  

Accouplement I/II à tiroir, Tirasse II/P
Tremblant doux I
Tremblant fort I et II