Church of Lautenbach

Restoration of the Toussaint organ in the Eglise Saint-Jean Baptiste in Lautenbach (68)

The restoration of this organ is a project close to our hearts and promises to be one of the most exciting projects yet, involving a great deal of historical and archaeological research, as well as a closer look at the work of one of Silbermann's rivals.

39 stops, III keyboards, pedal

I. Positif de dos 50 notes  CD-d’’’II. Grand-orgue 50 notes CD-d’’’III. Echo 27 notes c’-d’’’Pédale 26 notes CD-d’
Bourdon 8'Montre 8'Bourdon 8'Supbass 16'
Montre 4'Bourdon 8'Prestant 4'Flöt 8'
Flutte 4'Flutte travers 8'Flutte 4'Flöt 4'
Nazard 2 ⅔'Prestant 4'Nazard 2 ⅔'Bompart 16'
Doublette 2'Flutte 4'Doublette 2'Possaun 8'
Tierce 1 3/5'Nazard 2 ⅔'Tierce 1 3/5'Clairon 4'
Cornet 3 rgs c'-d'''Doublette 2'Trompette 8' 
Fourniture 3 rgsTierce 1 3/5'Voix humaine 8' 
Cromorne 8' B+DLarigot 1 ⅓'  
 Sifflet 1'  
 Cornet 5 rgs c'-d'''  
 Fourniture 3 rgs  
 Cymbale 3 rgs  
 Trompette 8' B+D  
 Voix humaine 8' B+D  
 Clairon 4'