Chamber organ (Saverne)

Chamber organ (private owner in Saverne)

The 8' Principal is made of maple wood, as is the 4' Principal.

The Bourdon 8' is made of fir in the Bass, and maple for the Dessus.

The Doublette and the Nazard are conical and made of lead.

The keyboards are made of boxwood for the sharps and plum wood for the naturals.

Marc Frohn's cherrywood sculptures with acanthus leaf decorations enhance the ensemble.

4 jeux, 2 claviers de 56 notes (C-g''') et pédalier de 30 notes.

1er clavier  2ème clavier Pédalier
 Principal 8'  Bourdon de 8' Basse 16' Extension en 8'
 Principal 4 Flûte 
 Régale 8' B.D. Doublette 2' 
  Nazard B.D. 

Tirasse : P/I et P/II. PI en 4'
Tremblant doux