Chamber organ

Chamber organ - 2006/2007 (Strasbourg)

The voicing is gentle, the action precise and quiet.

The temperament is uneven.

Natural quetsche keyboard, bone-plated quetsche flutes. Oak straight pedalboard, quetsche veneered fingerboards.

The sideboard is walnut, with no visible pipes.

Cabinet 2m40 high, representing a Louis-Philippe two-piece sideboard with pleated satin door trim.

7 jeux, 2 claviers de 56 notes (C-g''') et pédalier de 30 notes (C-f').

 1er clavier           
 2ème clavier             
Principal 8' bois*.Bourdon 8' boisBasse 16' extension en 8'
Principal 4'* boisFlûte 4'*Principal 8'*
Régale 8'Basse et Dessus*Nazard 2 2/3 plombPrestant 4'*                       
 Flûte 2' plomb 

Accouplement I/II, Tirasse I et II, Tirasse I en 4'. Tremblant.