Bouxwiller church

Rehabilitation of the 1778 Jean-André Silbermann organ in Bouxwiller

The main target of this work was to save the pipes, which was badly corroded.

We wanted to scrupulously preserve the organ as Alfred Kern had built it.

There was no question of de-restoring it, which advances in organological knowledge might have justified. Our work on the voicing was carried out sparingly on details.

28 jeux, II claviers, pédale

Positif de dos 51 notesGrand Orgue 51 notesPédale 27 notes
Bourdon 8'Bourdon 16'Soubasse 16'
Prestant 4'Montre 8'Octavebasse 8'
Flûte à cheminée 4'Bourdon 8'Prestant 4'
Nazard 2 2/3Prestant 4'Fourniture IV rgs
Doublette 2'Nazard 2 2/3Bombarde 16'
Tierce 1 3/5Doublette 2'Trompette 8'
Fourniture III rgsTierce 1 3/5Clairon 4'
Cromorne 8'Sifflet 1' (B+D) 
 Cornet V rgs (D) 
 Fourniture III rgs 
 Cymbale III rgs 
 Trompette 8' (B+D) 
 Voix humaine 8' 

Accouplement I/II, II/P