Armsheim Church

Restoration of the Michael Stumm 1739 organ in Armsheim (Germany)

This exciting project involved restoring this instrument, built by the first member of the great Stumm dynasty of organ builders, to its original condition.
The keys on the manuals and pedalboard have been completely rebuilt, as well as the reed stops.

We were delighted to discover this organ in such a beautiful environment. The instrument has retained virtually all its original parts, including the windchests, mechanic and blower. The pipes are also well preserved.

We had great fun comparing the techniques from both sides of the Rhine, and learned a lot from the work.

The voicing was a new adventure, implying exciting research.

20 stops, II keyboards, pedal

II Hauptwerk 48 notes (C,D à c''')I Rückpositiv 48 notes (C,D à c''')Pedal 12 notes (C,D à c)  
Prinzipal 8'Hohlpfeif 8'Subbass 16' 
Hohlpfeif 8'Prinzipal 4'  
Oktave 4'Rohrflöte 4'  
Gemshorn 4'Saliconal 2' ab cl 4'  
Flaut 4'Oktav 2'  
Quint 3'Quint 1 1/2 ' ab cl 3'  
Superaktav 2'Mixtur 1' 3fach  
Terz 1 3/5Krummhorn 8'  
Mixtur 1' 3fachVox humana 8'  
Trompete 8' B/DTremulant  

Manual coupler I/II, II/P