7-stop chamber organ (Venice)

Chamber organ 7 stops (Private, Venice)

This Venetian organ was a great moment for our company. Of course, there was the location, Venice. There was also the collaboration with Antoine Fontaine and the final highlight, delivery by boat, not forgetting the endearing personality of the owner.

The case was designed by Antoine Fontaine, a theatre and film designer who is specialized in historical sets.

We created the set precisely in accordance with his plans and his concept for a model of a Palladian palace. When the great Venetian Renaissance architect Palladio built a palace, he gave its owners a model made of precious wood.

7 jeux, 2 claviers de 56 note (C-g''') et pédalier de 30 notes.

 1er clavier 2ème   clavierPédalier
Montre 8' bois.Bourdon 8' boisBasse 16' et 8'  en extension
Prestant 4' bois*.Flûte 4' bois*.Tirasse P/I et P/II.
 Flûte 2'.