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Blumenroeder Organs and Harpsichords



Organ and Harpsichord Manufacturing Co. founded in 1998 by Quentin Blumenroeder.



Our company specializes in building brand new historical instruments and copies of antiques such as Renaissance Regals, 16th century Claviorgana (in partnership with Emile Jobin) Italian table Organs, Organetti, and portable and study Organs with removable chests.

We also make medium-sized instruments and restore antiques.




Blumenroeder Organs and Harpsichords has therefore built six house organs from four to seven stops, four brand new church organs from ten to twenty stops, and restored several organs from seven to sixty stops in addition to many harpsichords.

To this day, we have built about thirty organs, regardless of size or kind.


Our philosophy consists in working in close collaboration with musicians, fellow organ builders and scientists. We aspire to create pieces dedicated to musicians and the repertoire, laying great emphasis on the musical and organ-specific context of each project.


We do our job according to the traditional craftsmanship of organ building. Every single part of every item is hand-finished with a plane, and we use organic glues that are derived from bones, skin or fish to cite but these examples.