Harpsichords and keyboards


Harpsichords and keyboards

We are responsible for a great many restorations of 20th century harpsichords. Our work in this field is solely one of restoration, maintenance and tuning.
Quentin Blumenroeder trained as a harpsichord craftsman with Emile Jobin.
The amount of finesse that regulation and tuning requires here becomes a great advantage in organ building.

We do not build new harpsichords. We use the same restoration techniques here as we do with organs, namely traditional ones that promote the use of age-old materials and craftsmanship. As in each and every one of our activities, we strive to be authentic

Restoration of a 1789 Jacobus Lange pianoforte (2011)

This Lange pianoforte, which belongs to a private individual in Strasbourg, was overhauled in early 2011.