To date, we have built four Salon Organs. They are all composed of an 8' wood Montre, an 8' wood Bourdon, a 4' wood Flute, two keyboards and one pedal-board.
The wood piping allows for a smooth and precise sound suitable for small spaces.
This lovely sound quality preempts any weariness or tiredness on the part of the audience to set in after a while. Their voicing and cases are in close conformity with their owner’s requirements and with the place where they are meant to be installed.
Such orders often lead to a beautiful friendship from the very inception of the project or end in a special relationship between the client and Quentin Blumenroeder. It is a matter of great importance to us to know our clients’ personalities thoroughly to build them instruments that best fit their needs. 


Salon Organ (a private order from Strasbourg. Built in 2006/2007)

The stops and the voicing of this organ are soft and its mechanism precise and quiet.
The temperament unequal…
The keyboard is prune tree wood (quetsche), the sharp keys are prune tree with a bone veneer. The right pedal-board is oak, the sharp keys are beak-shaped and prune tree wood veneer.
The Louis Philippe style case is walnut and has no visible pipes. It is 7'10'' high and has cabinet doors that are adorned with pleated satin curtains.

Seven stops, two 56-note keyboards (C-g''') and a 30-note pedal-board (C-f').
Coupler I/II, Pedal Coupler I & II, Pedal Coupler I in 4'.




Salon Organ (a private order from Saverne, Alsace. Built in 2006)

The 8' and 4' Principals are maple.
The 8' Bourdon is pine in the bass and maple in the treble.
The Super-Octave or Doublette and the Nasard are conical lead.
The keyboards are boxwood for the sharps and prune tree (quetsche) for the  naturals.
Acanthus leaves, carved in cherry wood, further enhance this piece.

Four stops, two 56-note keyboards (C-g''') and a 30-note pedal-board.



 Salon Organ (A private order from Venice, Italy. Built in 2005)


The making of this Venitian organ has represented a grand moment in the history of the company. For the place, obviously – Venice, but also, without omitting the endearing personality of the owner, for the collaboration with Antoine Fontaine, the actual building of the extraordinary case, and last but not least, the delivery in a boat.
Antoine Fontaine, a set designer for the theater and the cinema and a renowned specialist in historical sets, is the one responsible for the design.
To achieve this design, we accurately followed Antoine’s drawings and his concept of a model Palladian palace. Indeed, when Palladio, the famed Venitian Renaissance architect, built a palace, he would offer its future owners a model of that palace in  precious wood.

Seven stops, two 56-note keyboards (C-g''') and a 30-note pedal-board.

Salon Organ (a private order from Rouen, Normandy. Built in 2003)

Five stops, two 56-note keyboards and a 30-note pedal-board.
Louis-Philippe style cherry case.



Study Organ with an extractable chest (built in 2002 for the Ecole de Musique d’Héricourt, Haute-Saône)


This is a two-keyboard, one pedal-board organ with an extractable chest.
It is made of poplar tree and is polychromatic.

The upper keyboard is composed of:
8' Montre
4' Prestant
2' Flute

The above stops are all maple. The naturals are boxwood and the sharps prune tree. Four persons are enough to move the entire instrument. Its low height allows it to go through a standard door.  


8' Bourdon  4' Principalizing Flute C to f'''
Transposing in 392 to 465
Pedal Coupler on the upper keyboard