CREATIONS Renaissance organs



Regal organ that is part of a Spinetto-Regal organ (built in September 2012 for the Ensemble les Witches)

This is an organ modeled after an instrument which was built in 1527 by Meidting for the son of Emperor Charles V and that can be admired at the Vienna Museum of Music in Austria.


Renaissance organ (built in 2011 for the Abbey of Saint-Amant-de-Boixe)

This 10-stop organ allows you to better ascertain 16th century European musics. Tuned to the mesotonic temperament, it has been fitted with a short octave keyboard (C, D, E-c''') with seven split keys (F#, G#, D#, Ab, D#', Ab', D#'') and a 26-note pedal board (C, D, E-d'-e').

It was assembled and delivered the week before Christmas 2011.

Descriptif of the instrument:

It is modeled after the 1511 Covelens primitive organ of the church of Saint Lawrence in the city of Alkmaar, in the Netherlands.
It is fitted with a short octave C, D, E, F, G, A - c''' and a 47-note and 8-split sharp keyboard tuned to the mesotonic temperament.
The split sharp are F#, G#, d#, ab, d#', ab', d#''.
The pedal board is a C,D,E,F,G to e', 26-note pedal board. No eb.

To hear and/or see this organ, go to YouTube to watch the following videos:

Ecole Nationale de Musique of Tours, department of Early Music

(built in 2007 for the Ecole Nationale de Musique)

This is an organ that has four stops, one keyboard with two split sharp per octave and one pedal coupler.
The keyboard is an F°, G°, A° to c''' split sharp 62-note keyboard.
8' Principal
4' Ottava
2' 2/3 Duodecima
2' Decimaquinta

Inspired by the 1536 original piece found in the Cathedral of Arezzo.


Italian Renaissance table Organ (Property of Jean-Paul Boury. Built in 2001)

Tin Principal.
C to c''' keyboard, short octave, fixed mesotonic tuning, three split sharp per octave (d#-e#, g#-ab, a#-hb).
Boxwood veneer, almond wood sharp keys, carved front.
The case is walnut wood  and is enhanced with moldings and carvings.
The bellows are foot- or hand-operated pump bellows.




Renaissance table organ (built in 2000 for the Ecole de Musique de Palaiseau)

It has an F˚ G˚ A˚ to f'' 3' wood Principal.
The bellows are either hand-operated pump bellows or electrically powered.


8' Renaissance regal (built in 1999)


Contre-Fa to d''' or C to d''' keyboard.
This instrument, made of walnut wood, is the first piece ever built by Blumenroeder Organs.
It has wood monobloc piping and no resonator.
The bellows are hand-operated pump bellows with two of them being diagonal ones.
The keyboard is made of ebony and box wood.