CREATIONS Historical Organs and Continuos



Building historical instruments is an absolute priority.

They are original creations of ours or copies of  instruments that have endured through time under the care of museums or private collectors. Indeed, all of us in the Blumi Team - from Quentin Blumenroeder, the founder, down to the latest addition - have an inexhaustible passion for classical music.

Here are some of the most recent creations in various fields of organ building by Blumenroeder Organs.


17th Century Italian style Continuo Organ.  (a private order created in 2009)

17th century Italian-style Continuo Organ (A private order created in 2009)

The inner principals’ pipes are hammered lead.
This is a 392-460 transposing instrument.
Its being made up of two distinct parts makes it easy to transport.

Its moulded case is painted off-white and graced with gilding.
Its two-inch pressure makes for a soft, smooth sound quality that does not in any way weaken the fundamental, and has a beautiful presence in the continuo.

It has a 54-note keyboard (C to f''') and is transposing to the four tuning options 392/415/440/466 with the keyboard sliding up or down.  

8' Tin principal
4' Tin principal
8' Wood bourdon

Transportable 18th century German cabinet organ (created in 2005)

This is an organ that belongs to Jean-Paul Boury. It was built with baroque continuo in mind, but its tin pipes make it an ideal instrument for 17th-century music.
It already boasts a significant number of concerts as well as three recordings to its credit - one with la Chapelle Rhénane and K617, the other with Ensemble Pygmalion and Alpha, and the other yet with the Witches and Alpha.


The continuo organs that we build all display the following fundamentals:

392, 415, 440, 465 Hz transpositions. 8' Wood stopped Bourdon. Fully open 4' Principalizing Flute.
As concerns open pipes, tuning is achieved through slides, which allows for a wide range with no impact on tone color.

The outer panels are made of cloth that cuts out draughts and do not create any static.
As concerns the 8' Bourdon  and 4' Principalizing Flute configuration, the weight is 155 pounds, the width 4.8 ft, the depth 2 and the height 3. These dimensions allow for unbent pipes and pleasant tuning in 15 minutes.
To date, four chest organs have been made: three 8' and 4', and a 8', 4' and also a Regale 8'