CREATIONS Claviorganum


Claviorganum built in 2009-2010

The entire organ was made in our workshop.

It has a 53-note keyboard (Gº, Aº to c''')
It is transposing to the four tuning options 392/415/440/466 with the harpsichord’s keyboard sliding.

8' Wood Bourdon C to c'''
4' open Wood Principal G to d'''
8' Wood Regal C to c'''

The case is poplar with a blond walnut finish and graced with lavish moldings.

The wind-chest is quarter-cut oak with very light oak valves.

The coupler is located on the harpsichord’s keyboard.
The pipes are maple.
The whole instrument was built on site.

Photos : JP Lerch


 Claviorganum built in 2000

All the stops are devided into bass and trebble.
The coupler goes from organ to harpsichord.
The keyboards are ebony and boxwood.
The wind-chest is made of two diagonal bellows and is activated by two electric engines controlled by microprocessors that produce a wind similar to the one achieved through manual pumping.
The piping is wood. This instrument is strictly built according to techniques that were in use in the Renaissance: no screws, the wrought-iron is wrought in fire, there’s no welding involved and everything that needed glueing was glued with hot glue.
It was built in collaboration with Emile Jobin.

Five stops, two short octave 45-note keyboards (C D E F G - c''').
Harpsichord: one 8' lute stop
Organ: 8' Principal, 4' Principal, 2' Principal, 8 'Regal